The Malthouse, Wheathill

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The Malthouse self catering accommodation

The Malthouse is one of the oldest properties in Wheathill, the earliest known record dates from 1728 when it was recorded that a Phillip Davies, the Maltster, died there.

This indicates that it was a working Malthouse before that date but how much earlier we cannot tell.It continued as a working Malthouse until 1903 when it became a private residence and small farm. By the 1930's the building had been converted to a farmhouse at the top end and a cottage at the lower end with a youth hostel in between.

This is how it continued upto 1998 when the youth hostel closed, the following year it was sold to the present owners who rebuilt the hostel to its present form. A detailed history of the village and the Malthouse can be found in "From Waltha to Wheathill in 900 years" by John Hinton.
  view of farmyard
  wheathill church
    view from farm